ECF  protects over 300 acres  in Eastham, most of which have been donated by conservation minded persons.  These include upland mixed forest habitat, fresh water marsh habitat and salt marsh.  Click here to see our ECF protected lands, and other conservation land in Eastham.  

ECF is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) private operating foundation and is a  membership organization.

No member of the Trustees or any corporation member receives any salary or monetary compensation.

As a local volunteer group all of your membership goes toward the implementation of our goals -- there is no overhead expense and all of our funds are applied to promoting conservation.

2019 Trustees

Henry Lind, President

Joseph Moran, Vice President

Ellen Covell, Treasurer

Joanna Buffington, Clerk

Bill Allan, Director

Robert Cook, Director

Roberta Longley, Director

Ten parcels totaling 57 acres are protected by Conservation Restriction where ownership is retained privately, but in exchange for not developing the land, real estate taxes are significantly reduced.  In addition, the property owner is eligible for tax credits and deductions.

Eastham Conservation Foundation, Inc.

Protecting the remaining habitat which is not yet developed is critical to sustaining the remarkable beauty and fragile nature of this unique peninsula.