Eastham Conservation Foundation, Inc.

Inner Cape Cod Bay ACEC

The inner Cape Cod Bay ACEC (Area of Critical Environmental Concern) was nominated by local citizens of Eastham, Orleans and Brewster in the early 1980s and received that designation by the Secretary of Environmental Affairs  in 1985.

An ACEC diseignation recognizes the unique and sensitive resources of the area and provided additional protection under the various statutes which are applied to activities within the site.  There are 30 such areas in the Commonwealth comprising 268,000 acres of sensitive habitat both coastal and inland.

ECF partnered with the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management agency to produce a walking tour of the area and it was available as a cassette tape through various sources.  Times have changed and you may now listen to this tour as you explore the area by clicking on the link shown.  It is narrated by one of the Directors of ECF at the time and  contains much information about the area.

  • ACEC walking tour.mp327:53